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How To Efficiently Freight And Clear Your Cargo In Nigeria

Supply chain management is the management of the flow of goods and services and includes all processes that transform raw materials into final products. It involves the active streamlining of a business’s supply-side activities to maximize customer value and gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace – Investopedia.
An integral part of supply chain management is the movement of goods from the location of manufacture or supply to a different location of storage, distribution or usage. A lot of complexities ensue in-between these two locations. Part of the complexities may be regulatory, logistics or human factors. To achieve a smooth trans-location of the goods, there are certain demands, and things to put in place. This article is prepared on how to smoothly freight your cargoes to Nigeria and how to clear cargoes in Nigeria efficiently.

Perfect your import documentation

To import any goods into Nigeria, there are mandatory and important documentation that are required by various Nigerian government regulatory agencies like the Central Bank of Nigeria, Nigeria Customs Service, Standards Organisation of Nigeria and others. These documents have associated implications and responsibilities are allotted to different stakeholders for obtaining these documents. Such stakeholders among others will include:

  • The Importer
  • The Manufacturer/Supplier
  • The Authorised Dealer Bank
  • The Freight Forwarder
  • Regulatory Agencies

And such documentation will include

  • E-Form M
  • PAAR
  • Insurance Certificate
  • Permits and Licences
  • Etc

As a rule, the most crucial prerequisite to smooth importation into and clearing in Nigeria is proper documentation for clearing in Nigeria. There are 3 Stages of Documentation in Nigeria – Pre import documentation, Pre-arrival documentation and post-clearance documentation.
Appoint an efficient and reliable freight forwarder
The quality of your freight forwarder will determine how seamless the freighting of your consignment will be, Therefore you must ensure that you engage a freight forwarder who is competent, reliable and is dedicated to your peculiar needs and requirements. While there are several qualities you may require in your forwarder, there are at least 4 Qualities Of A Competent And Efficient Freight Forwarder you will require to make a good choice.
At Pseudonet Logistics, we possess incredible abilities to meet your freight-forwarding needs in a customised and customer-friendly way.
Appoint a trustworthy customs clearing agent

Your clearing agent should be a reliable and trustworthy partner within your supply value chain. You will therefore need to carefully select this partner you’ll work with long before the arrival of your consignment, preferably when you are still discussing with your supplier. There are many benefits of using your freight forwarder as your clearing agent. But whichever preference you have, verify the competencies and trustworthiness of your agent as he/she can make or mar your entire international trade process.

Pseudonet Logistics is a reliable and competent Customs clearing agent in Nigeria prioritizing trust and transparency

Track all activities
Yes, your freight forwarder and clearing agent have the fiduciary responsibility to effectively track your consignment and all activities relating to it, it is advisable to not leave it absolutely until you are very comfortable with them.

This article is written and published by Pseudonet Logistics.
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