Pseudonet Logistics

(A Subsidiary of Pseudonet Nigeria Limited)

Pseudonet Logistics is a leading freight broking and third party logistics company in Nigeria with professional capabilities in Air & Sea Freight Forwarding, Cargo Handling, Customs Clearance, International Trade Documentation and Haulage Services.

With a network of offices and partners across 4 continents, our operations are driven by our passion and commitment to assist individuals and businesses deliver their cargoes to Nigeria from all parts of the world, and also to facilitate exportation of their cargoes to desired destinations outside Nigeria.

With hindsight of gaps in professionalism associated with the freight forwarding industry in Nigeria, we have modeled our business, using international best practices to exude transparency and trust in all our dealings. Our commitment to always deliver the best value to our customers has endeared us as the Third Party Logistics Company of choice in Nigeria.

We have developed and continually improve freighting, clearing and delivery processes that facilitate efficient service delivery to meet the diverse needs of our customers.  As an enabler, we have carefully selected a network of partners with similar values and competencies in Africa, Europe, Asia and the Americas who ensure that our foreign operations are seamless and efficient, and are tailored to the requirements of Nigerian regulations or/and the laws of wherever we operate from. Our solutions are tailored for a strong end-to-end service delivery within the third party value chain.

Our operations and all business transactions are driven by our core values of:

As an important agent within international trade value chain, we provide a wide range of services that help our clients facilitate their trade, operations and business. We provide solutions that ensure that importers’ and exporters’ cargoes are safely delivered at the right time and at the right cost.

Depending on the customer’s preference, our services could be provided as a full-cycle package running from pre-shipment procedures to delivery to the doorstep or warehouse/factory of the customer, or we may handle just a part within the value chain. Wherever point we come in, the customer is assured of the “Pseudonet professional touch”, providing peace to the customer and leaving memories of professionalism

At Pseudonet Logistics, we understand the importance of cargo movement to the operations of our customers particularly their goals to ensure that their goods are delivered safely, at the right time and without much hassles that could trigger cost increases. That is why we have set up our operations to meet the individual needs of our customers according to the peculiarities of their industries and the nature of their goods. The experience of our team both in undertaking freight forwarding and logistics solutions for varied number of companies in diverse industries has enabled us to develop industry solutions for a number of industries, including:

Whatever industry you may belong to, we are able to deliver promptly and in the most professional manner.

We are member of NUSA registered in USA as Pseudonet Inc.

(Pseudonet Logistics is Subsidiary of Pseudonet Nigeria Limited)

Our mission

We envision to be a first class third party logistics provide, referenced internationally for top-notch competence and professionalism. .

Our vision

Our Mission is to facilitate the operations and objectives of our clients through efficient delivery of freight forwarding and logistics services locally; continentally and internationally

Our Core Values

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