Destination and Origin Cargo Handling

Destination and Origin Cargo Handling


We provide origin cargo handling services by assisting the customers to pick their goods from the supplier/manufacturers, pack or re-pack them for safety, regulatory exigencies or for cost reasons, them help them transport to the port of loading and then properly track until arrival. In the same vein, we are able to provide similar services for exported items at the country of destination.

This service of assurance ensures proper handling of the items and could save valuable time during the customs clearing processes.

Why Pseudonet Logistics

Birthed and sustained by an undiluted service orientation
Over 37 years cumulative operations staff experience.
Deep knowledge and application of local and international logistics procedures and operational requirements
Right local and international network/connections to swiftly get the work done.
We are hands-on and apply utmost integrity and professionalism in our engagements
Presence and efficiency in 4 continents
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